Creating a cozy living space, just in time for the Holidays!

Curating a living space for the holiday season can help stimulate memories for years to come. When it comes to culminating an inviting atmosphere, there’s always many important elements that get overlooked. Don’t worry, we understand most people don’t want to break the budget to just get a more Holiday-esque atmosphere in their family room. Here’s a couple tips for making sure that your entire family is comfortable this Holiday season! Simplicity is key A great place to start for any Holiday décor, is to keep it simple. Completely changing the entire décor of the room just for a Holiday can take the character out of the room. Also, the last thing you want is for your décor to take away from a main centerpiece of the Holiday, like let’s say… a Christmas tree! According to an article by Crate and Barrel, keeping a minimalist surrounding décor while maintaining neutral colors can bring emphasis to some of your more, attention grabbing Holiday features. Use Natural Arrangements For a Holiday like Christmas, and even many Holidays through the winter
Holiday decorating ideas to curate a cozy space, and spice up any decor!
months, there is a significant emphasis to a natural aspect. Like using a tree for decorations, garland, fake snow, and more! Using a natural arrangement that corresponds to the message you want to portray can do a space justice, and it can even help bring everything together! This can be as simple as garland on a fireplace mantle, or a holiday floral as a centerpiece for your cocktail table! Candles and Scents that make a statement
Small décor, big impact!
Remember, scent is a huge part of setting the mood in any environment. It can be a key factor in bringing together your Holiday décor. Using a variety of candles throughout the space can do well to stimulate your guest senses. There are a variety of great smelling scents that can welcome company into company. Using a simple cinnamon, vanilla, or other warm recognizable scent can be a simple addition! Everyone has their favorites, just make sure they make sense within your space. Texturizing and Layering
Throw pillows can make a great accent piece!
Something we feel is important for keeping a cozy space is to use a variety of textures! Layering throws and blankets with an offsetting piece of furniture adds character to the space and allows for guests to feel like they are right at home. Our friends over at Dream Home Furniture have a great selection of throw blankets and throw pillows to help bring your holiday space together! A good way to bring a feel of texturing and laying without using many of either, is to strategically include patterns. During the Holiday period, using buffalo or other plaids can help to give the feel of a comfortable layer without overwhelming the space. Add a touch of family Nothing says family room like bringing together your space with homemade ornaments, décor, and details. If you’re not the most artsy or handing person, something as simple pine branches can do well to bring a natural and personal style to the space. Emphasizing photos with relevant holiday themed frames can also do well to make a family-focused space stand out! It’s the little details that can often make the biggest difference! Use your space Using the color of your arranged space to determine what décor or ornaments to coordinate the space with can always help! We know its not always easy to go with natural and neutral tones when your walls and furniture doesn’t coincide. Using the space, you must determine colors, feel and other aspects for the space can do numbers with bringing together a warm feel! Forbes even talks about how it’s not uncommon to use colors outside of the normal Holiday themes to spruce up a space and make it all your own!

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