Elegant Dining Room Collections from Porter Designs

Elegant Dining Room Collections from Porter Designs

Engulfed in varying furniture on a regular basis, I have seen a significant number of dining tables, chairs, benches, and servers. None of them are quite as pleasing as what is offered by Porter Designs. Quickly growing to become a favorite United States furniture brand, Porter has developed a unique style to their dining room furniture sets.

Solid Wood

The first thing to mention, is unlike many other brands, Porter Designs uses all hardwood in their dining collections. Although cost effective, particle board with veneer can get easily damaged over time. Additionally, they are not going to be nearly as sturdy or resilient through heavy use. Granted they will be easier to relocate when the time to move comes, they might not make it through the transfer as well as something with a better construction.

Kalispell Dining Table Set

Porter commonly uses a Sheesham wood in their dining tables, dining chairs, dining benches, and dining servers. Sheesham wood, or Indian Rosewood, is valued for its unique look. With its well-defined grains it makes for a standout piece in any home. Sheesham wood has many other benefits as well.

According to an article by Coaster Furniture, “In addition to its beauty, Sheesham wood is prized for its innate resistance to natural decay, making it ideal for woodcarving. Sheesham also doesn’t split or warp, which is why it’s an excellent candidate for cabinets and other woodworking projects. It features a high oil content, making it naturally water-resistant, and high tensile strength thanks to the tight grain.”

One of a Kind

Most of the dining tables from Porter Designs are handmade. Coupled with the natural grains that make each piece unique, and you’ll never find two tables quite alike. Porter also uses a variety of stains to extenuate the details of the beautiful Sheesham wood.  Some of these unique stains include harvest, natural, and midnight to name a few.

Porter emphasizes that many of their collections are the embodiment of generations of artisan craftsmanship passed down from the Indus Valley civilization.

These slight variations in each piece make accenting them a fun and fulfilling task. When joined with proper home accents and the right décor, this table makes for the center piece of your family or friend dining event.

Variety of Collections

Offering a wide range of dining room collections, Porter Designs has something for every style! Their collections include the Tahoe, Cambria, Kalispell, and Manzanita to name a few.

They don’t only include sheesham wood in their designs and furniture. The Manzanita set for example, features a rich architectural metal base which breathes life into their lineup.

Like Porter Designs themselves, each piece within these collections is handmade to be unique.

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