Cooling Mattresses, are They Worth It?

Relative to basically any product on the market right now, there’s a lot of hype surrounding new technologies being released. Whether this be televisions, cell phones, cars; it’s always the same story. Something new and great came out, and it’s the best newest thing you just have to have. A product following suit that might not have crossed your mind is your mattress.


That’s right! Mattresses have technology too. In fact, they probably have a lot more than you ever imagined. With all this hype, what’s fact and what’s fiction, and is it even worth it?


Now, you might be asking yourself, what technology can they put in a mattress? There’s a broad range of technologies being utilized in mattresses. Some of these technologies include copper, CBD infused, and cooling to name a few.


We’ll cover copper and CBD another time. For now, let’s focus on Cooling!


If you’ve shopped for a mattress in the past year or two, you’ve probably heard the term being tossed around. Still, what does it actually mean?


Large mattress and foam manufacturers like Mlily or Malouf use a Phase Changing Material in their cooling products. Great examples are the Harmony Chill 3.0 by Mlily or the Carbon Cool Pillow by Malouf! Both are available from our friends at Dream Home.


Getting back on track, Phase Changing Material is done at the micro level in either the memory foam, gel, or the fibers on the cover. This material works by absorbing heat from the surrounding area, or your body, and transferring it throughout the pillow or mattress to keep the area’s most import, the coolest!


We recommend taking a trip to your local furniture store and checking them out. They do really work!


One thing to remember, most of the big brands won’t make a difference. When it comes to mattresses look for two things, how it feels for you, and the warranty. If your mattress has over a one-year warranty, you’ll have nothing to worry about! Still, cooling via Phase Changing Material will never lose its effect in your mattress, or bedding accessories for that matter.


Do you have to purchase the mattress to get the same cooling effect? We don’t think so. There are a significant number of bedding products that also feature a Phase Changing Material. Some of these include toppers, protectors, and pillows like we mentioned. These are a fraction of the price and can provide insight into how much cooling can really change the way you sleep.


You can even purchase sheets that trap a lot less body heat, like Tencel sheets from this Minnesota furniture and mattress store. Couple this with a cooling mattress protector, and you will receive a similar effect! Having slept with that exact setup for months and being frequently exposed to the best cooling mattresses on the market, I can honestly say, the average person won’t notice the difference.


If you’re someone who sleeps extraordinarily hot throughout the night, then the mattress does a much better job of keeping the entire bed cold from sundown to sunup! We feel there’s most to think about when looking into purchasing a mattress. Comfort is always number one!


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